Saturday, December 13, 2014

Alberto Rey and the Bagmati River Arts Project, Kathmandu, Nepal

My good friend and colleague Alberto Rey is a great artist who has exhibited all over the world . His series "Biological Regionalism" is an ongoing multimedia project that brings art and science together to bring awareness to the ever changing environmental landscape of local wildlife and vegetation that is often ignored. Recently he is attempting one of his most ambitious projects to date:

Bagmati River Arts Project, Kathmandu, Nepal

In his own words he describes the project :

"A few months after my Burchfield Penney exhibition opened, I was invited to create an international touring art exhibition that would bring awareness to the plight of the sacred but polluted Bagmati River that flows through Kathmandu, Nepal. There is substantial community support for the project in city but due to their economic struggles, I am doing the needed fundraising for the project through Hatchfund. We raised $9000 and are close to reaching the minimum to do the project. We need another $4000 to close the gap by the end of the month. "

Currently he is trying to raise the necessary funds to complete the project and I felt the need to share in order to help him realize this important and thought provoking project. 

To learn more about this project and to donate, you can 

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