Monday, March 17, 2014

"Out To Pasture" Illustration for the National Labor Federation 2016 Calendar

Hi Everyone ,

   I was recently contacted by Mike Petteys, Art Director for the National Labor Federation calendar to do a illustration based off of the Farm Workers for the month of June. I was sent out to document the dairy farm workers that work around the nearby city of Syracuse and create a painting that went along with an article encouraging students to volunteer their semester breaks. The illustration is titled out to pasture because reflects the expendability of farm workers (whose average life span is somewhere around 40 years old) and their unfortunate parallels with dairy cows who have lost their ability to produce work and as a result are discarded by being put out to pasture ( where they are eventually sold to meat processing facilities) in order to make way for newer cows. Special thanks to Chuck Pyle  for recommending me for this amazing project.

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