Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wizard Battle

EDIT: After some great feedback from Tyler, Eric, and Jamie I worked on this one some more.


  1. I like the concept and the water is a good touch, but I don't see a battle. Because the the guy on the left is not paying attention to the one on the right and since they're wearing the same clothes it looks like they're working in tandem to thaw out the dragon. That would be pretty cool too.

  2. Hey Pete. thanks for the comments. You are right , they are working in tandem to fight off the dragon but they are ultimately fighting the wizard that summoned the dragon. If you look at the base of the dragon you will see what i mean.

  3. Really nice image man! Good to see you are keeping busy painting.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog too!

  4. Thanks Scott! I had a lot of fun on this piece. As usual keep up the amazing work on your end.

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