Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Three Kings :Pete (Randy)- 17x23 oil on panel

Randy is janitor from Minnesota but lives in the small blue collar town on Gowanda,New York.

When I interviewed him he told me how he was a huge Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fan
and has seen them every time they would play in the area.
One particular time he met Roger Waters and had gotten his signature.
But when Waters asked him who should he make it out to
Randy said "Make it out to Pete".
When I heard this I said "Who's Pete?"
He said "Well I usually got by Pete"
I said "So thats your middle name"
He said "Nope."
"Where did it come from?" I said
He said "My parents would always called me that for some reason"
I laughed and said "For some reason?"
He said "Yeah, and they called my brother "Pistol""....


  1. Ray Ray makin it rain! Its hot in the winter!

  2. Thanks Barba Nera. Expect a call from me soon.

  3. The interview is awesome. I cracked up when I got to the end of it. lol Great work.

  4. - Orlando,

    haha . yeah I had fun with the whole process. Thanks for visiting dude and the nice comment.