Monday, September 6, 2010

"Mirror Mirror" at the Meyer Gallery

I have just recently returned from a weekend trip to Park City, Utah for a group show that I was participating in at the Meyer Gallery. The gallery staff: Susan Meyer Tom Cushman and Nancy Samson were extremely warm and welcoming. I also had the pleasure to spend the night chatting with the extremely talented Jim Rennert, Emily McPhie, Justin Taylor, and Brain Kershisnik. We had alot of fun talking art and laughing over spaghetti and red wine .Thank you everyone for the delightful, humbling and inspiring night. Now back to painting!

Here's The info on the show for those interested

Mirror, Mirror Modern Figurative Meyer Gallery
Date : From Saturday, September 04 2010 - 11:00am
To Tuesday, September 21 2010 - 5:00am
Location : 305 Main Street Park City, Ut
Contact Info : 435-649-8160


  1. Wow! What an AWESOME gallery space. Your pieces look great on that wall, man. Looks like it was a really awesome set up!

  2. Those photos look traced. I hope you are happy with yourself.............Congrats dude.

  3. congratulumination! (yes, I know you don't spell it that way) but great job! proud of you buddy.

  4. Johannes - NO thats exactly how you spell it dude. The word means I am an immortal islandic viking ruler. so thanks !

    Eric- yeah it was a great gallery space. I twas originally the municipal bank of Park City during the turn of the centuries! The safes still work an the gallery uses it to store paintings! haha.

    thanks Eric and Johannes!! am I forgetting anyone...? nope ! Thanks eric and Johannes!

  5. Your work looks amazing! Great to see it in a nice space!

    No Manches, Congratulations Ray!

  6. Ray, it was so great meeting you at the show. In a cab heading up to Brooklyn, thought of you! Hope to cross paths again.