Friday, August 20, 2010

Study for Joaquin Phoenix

tried some color in this version.


  1. Dude. YES.

    I am already digging this. Love that color.

  2. Ray, this looks great, as usual. The lighting sets the mood!
    Question on process. I'm assuming, and pardon my guessing here, that the first was done with graphite, and the second is in oil? I have no way of telling (newbie) from the images. So I'm curious about the mayor steps in your process here. Here's my guess: first a sketch, then on canvases? (or is it digital?).
    You first do a couple of studies - values, colors, and then go for final?

  3. Thanks Jose and Daniel !


    value study
    color study

    The color studies are usually done with acrylics on top of printouts of my value Study ( I print them out so I can mess up as much as I need to )

    For my paintings value design is of the utmost importance. So if I have a solid value study (by having a simple shapes to my paintings and solid reference) I am building the rest of the painting off a solid foundation. Hope this helps

  4. Yes, it does explain it very well.
    So you do your value study on a computer? or do you scan your value studies (pencil?) so you can print working copies of under-drawings/paintings?
    I agree with the purpose. A solid foundation always shows in the final version.
    Thanks so much for your explanation, its a great basic blueprint for painting. Was this taught to you? or did you kind of come up with it through experience?
    Again, man... thanks! Very enlightening.

  5. Brilliant piece Raymond. I love the drawn qualities and the balance against the shirt and background. Really nice work.

  6. Owen : Thanks alot man! I'm trying something new with these images and I like where everything is going so far! Thanks for stopping by

    Jose- I do my value studies with prismacolor pencils on toned paper. While not directly taught to me , It was a combination of things various teachers taught me.