Friday, April 9, 2010

Sketchbook drawings

Sorry about the lack of updates everyone. Im still in the middle of a move and don't have time to photograph the new paintings that I have recently completed. However, before I packed my scanner I was able to some pages of sketchbook doodles I do just to keep my hands busy. Enjoy!


  1. These are great Ray, keep it up...can't wait for the new stuff!

  2. Like the sketches a lot. Very cool.

  3. Ray, i'm so glad you finally got around to tracing those Egon Schiele sketchbooks. *slow clap* (actually I hope you take that as a compliment)

  4. these are great! Getting to peek into somebodies sketchbook is like peeking into their mind...I now know what you are thinking Ray! MIND CONTROL!

  5. i love those totally cluttered style pages

  6. wow thanks guys!

    -Bryce: i'll take that as an act of war....

    -George: thanks ! thanks for visiting my blog. You are the king of sketchbooks man.

    oh and
    -Johannes: GET OUT OF MY HEAD VIKING!!