Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jack Gaughan Award

It was just announced today that one of my best friends/enemies in Middle Earth, Tyler Jacobson has won the Jack Gaughan Award for best emerging artist !! If you aren't familiar with the award you definitely will be familiar with its recipients. Just click the link and you'll see what I mean. Congrads Tyler! You owe everything to me !


  1. Actually Ray, he owes it all to me. I taught him everything he knows back in the 80s..

  2. Ray, you really are my enemy in Middle Earth. We shall meet upon the seas in battle.

    Thanks for the post man.

  3. oh yeah.........MELLON......

    beat you to it

  4. well, then I guess you guys didn't notice, but Tyler always tried to sit next to me in classes, so he could see how the masters do it, so, sorry...

    Congrats Tyler!!!

  5. I knew it tyler ! Give that award to Linda man , you stoled it from her.....youstoleditfromher!