Monday, December 28, 2009

"Study for "Quest for the Elephant King-The Descent "

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm in NY with my family for x-mas and New Years. Since I don't have access to my usual supplies I'm working up a fully rendered study digitally of the second painting in the " Quest for the Elephant King" series. Thought I'd try something new with rendering a full grisalle digitally and then painting it in oil's.We will see how that works but in the meantime I've gotta put a few more passes on this thing before I can go to color...back to work!

EDIT:refined line version .thanks to Frank Lin and Monico Chavez for the advice.


  1. Looking awesome, Ray! I look forward to seeing this in progress.

  2. i don't think you should cut off the legs of the guy in the back. maybe you could make the guy in the front bigger. maybe.

  3. I think def a stronger rim light on the foreground figure. Maybe lightening the value of the steps' shadows more, too?