Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Pass-B and W

Here a rough value study to working things out . None of the characters have been finalized ( cause i haven't shot any reference yet :) ) but I think I maybe on my way . Any input is welcomed though.. Now onto the final lined version....

Oh and after painting this thing with the trackpad on my laptop I decided I am going to buy an intuos 4.....yes monico, sam , dusty, and even frank.....I am one step closer to the dark side .....

EDIT: tilted it alittle bit to add more tension. thanks Monico for the great advice


  1. I'd say the guy in the foreground's left arm looks a little stiff. His shoulder may be bit high...maybe nitpicking. I'm diggin these man, can't wait to see the outcome. Peace!


    First, Intuos, next, you're just merging together photo references in Photoshop and doing a little tracing on top. All downhill from here. Haha.

  3. Even though it is digital (and therefore perfect), I think maybe you could rotate the whole image a bit clockwise to make the the line of the bridge more diagonal..... and the whole thing more off kilter.