Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Kim's Garden"5x7-oil on panel

In between packing , the urge to paint from life over took me.


  1. Great painting....btw thanks for the comments..I need to start painting more myself and yeah its a fania shirt....I'm a fan of their early stuff like Joe Bataan, Ralph Robles, The Latinaires,Ray Barreto etc...

  2. I love Joe Bataan, Barreto, cheo Feliciano and the lot .I also Love the stuff when Jorge Santana was touring with them.

  3. Hi Ray my name is David Lorenzano
    and I am a close friend of your dad
    and mom I don't know iy you remember me buti am very happy to see the sucess that you have had with your art, keep up the fine work and mucho sucess in the future. I am very proud of you.