Monday, May 11, 2009

Study for " Big Talk ,Big Name , Big Noise : New York I"5x7-oil on panel

Available at the STUDIO Gallery show "Body Work"
art inspired by the human form
May 13th - June 7th, 2009


  1. hey... what happened to the one with the girl?

  2. Dammit Ray, I was just checking here so I could bitch at you about posting more, and here's a new post....

    But I really dig this one, nice use of light. I've been doodling around on little 5x7s recently too, its a great way to do a quick concept that still looks good on its own.

  3. Thanks Dusty , I bugged your house and knew that you were going to post a complaint. I am totally getting into the 5x7 panel studies . They are a great way to work everything out and a great way to make an extra painting to sell . Im also getting in the habit of doing fully rendered drawings like I do for my illustration stuff . I still however like the acrylic studies i do because they allow me to keep working on a piece and try different approaches without having to let it dry for a day .

    Monico , I can't believe you saw that figure study on my blog ! It was up for like 2 hours! When i looked at it on my blog after posting the pic , I almost yaked because it was so bad , so i took it down and burned it .....digitally

    p.s.- Hey guys im getting a brand new WACOM tablet and am going to try doing digital stuff , any suggestions ?

  4. man, that was a quick response!!!

    this rough makes me think of craig's demos.

    i've got an intuos 3, and it's served me well, but how can you resist the sexy cintiqs!

  5. i know it's a rough, but watch out for the tangents of the umbrella and the back wall, and the umbrella with the head of the middle guy.

  6. You and your tangents Mr. Lin!

    Just get whatever the curent intuos is, I'm still working on an intuos 2 and its just peachy. I'm not as sold on the cintiqs yet, at least not till the price comes down.

    Oh, and get the like, 7x 8 sized one or whatever it is. I've never liked the big ones.

  7. Thanks guys. This helps alot . The new intuos 4 tables came out so im gonna sang the medium sized one.

    oh and Frank, you're face is a tangent you critique nazi .....

  8. And congratulations again on the Masters title - look forward to seeing more of you in the future!