Saturday, April 18, 2009


I recently got my paintings photographed and Im really excited to share the rest of my thesis paintings. Along with that I have also updated some of the older paintings ( namely "Isidoro y El Duke" ,"Flamboyan" and " The Stakeout ")to their final state. Enjoy !


  1. All of these pieces really blew me away Ray, really stand up work. I love seeing your thick and gloppy style used for pieces that are more "refined" looking at the finish, but still retaining the thick paint when you look closer. Just really nice all around.

  2. Thanks dude! You coming to the spring show?! We gotta get the band back together and have a hoedown.

  3. Heck yes I am! I'm gonna submit as much as possible since this is my last chance. I am up for any and all hoeing down.