Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Sketchs For Bajando al Poso " 5x7 Acrylic On Board

opinions on the which is the better sketch are welcomed.

2nd Sketch

1st Sketch


  1. I like the 1st sketch more. I like how his legs are covered, the gesture is better, and the greenery going up higher on the right. Stuff I like from the 2nd one tho are: the redish/dirty color in the plants and the dude's hair, the shadow on the front of his hair, the plants seem more organized. What if you put his far hand up on the rocks or something... like he's steadying himself... to add a little more interest to the pose?

  2. I like the handling of the light area on #2 better. I feel there is more color and interest in the greens and it gives it a nice depth. The 1st one's lights feel too colorless and washed out. Though I do like that there is a little more readability in the shadows of #1 as opposed to two. I would like to see one where the light area is from #2, and the shadow area is halfway between the depth of the #2 shadows, and the readability of the #1 shadows.

    Nice work Mr. Dood.

  3. yea maybe some more subtle colors in the shadows, i like 1#.

  4. I like #1 because it looks more like Bill Sanchez with a wooden spoon fighting a spider. Besides, the pose is more dynamic, but I do like the color changes in 2 and the slight more contrast/ darker background is more my thing.

  5. thanks alot for the feed back everybody . its helping alot. I think I'm gonna do a third one . If any one sees anything else. Feel free to pipe in.